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Is There Evidence the Milky Way’s Central Black Hole Does Not Exist? December 9, 2009

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Most scientists think and trying to prove that there are black holes at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, along with other galaxies.  Are there true black holes? What if it wasn’t a black hole at the center of the galaxy but maybe a black star?

From a distant observer, others say the event horizon would take forever to form, so the event horizon never really forms which means there is not true black hole.

A man by the name of Tanmay Vachaspati believes it to be a black star. He says that a distant observer, us on earth, gravity messes with time. So time would appear to be moving slowly inwards. With the black hole, time would stop and light and everything else would fall in the hole. According to Vachaspati, that light disappears with a black star because the light’s wavelengths get so long that they wouldn’t be able to detect them due to the black star’s gravity.

Also along the lines of a black star, Dr. Oliver Manuel thinks that if there was a black hole at the center of the galaxy wouldn’t the stars fall into the hole instead of moving away from the center. Manuel believes that it’s a neutron star at the center of the galaxy and others. Him along with other researchers found that there was a small neutron star inside the sun and many other stars. They believe that there was a massive neutron star which broke up into to smaller stars. This can also explain other high energy events and the regions of space that have high densities.

There is evidence that black holes don’t exist at the center of the Milky Way or other galaxies. Or maybe it’s just a black star or a neutron star. Only furthur scientific expieriments will let us know.



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