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Black Holes: An Overview December 9, 2009

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Back hole may be the most mysterious places in the universe, since the black hole theory has been proposed, Einstein and Hawking have affirmed the existence of black holes, many scientists have dedicated their careers to finding the exact black hole. There is evidence to improve the black hole theory, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and even to give in the vicinity of the black hole do “census.” However, there are a group of U.S. scientists has proposed a new current view that the so-called black hole is simply non-existent.

Black holes are collapsed supergiant stars that that distroy any material that enters, and nothing can escape once passing their event horizon. They have not yet been scientifically proven to exist, yet there are few scientists still who doubt they exist. They are unexplainable by the current laws of physics and we currently only have theories as to how they work or what they are capable of.



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